About 85 nations across the world have chosen to legalize Internet gambling. New Jersey had $148.8 million of it, followed by Nevada with roughly $10 million and then Delaware with $1.81 million.

Real-money online casino games are still in their infancy in America, with revenues from the space representing just 0.2 percent of all gaming revenue seen in 2015, according to RubinBrown. Europe is far and away the largest real-money online casino market in the world.

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Online gambling is growing at an 11-percent clip globally, with the market currently worth around $37 billion a year. The U.K. Thats according to a new report by national accounting firm RubinBrown, which gave a brief overview of the current state of regulated I-gaming in America. is considered the leader in regulation of these games.

While New Jersey and Nevadas online casino games market both grew in 2015, Delawares contracted by 13.5 percent. Since then, Delaware and New Jersey have joined in, with New Jersey commanding more than 92 percent of the market these days. While India and Russia are two huge markets warming to the idea of online poker sites, the United States is the crown jewel of the industry in terms of an individual nation.

Over in the United States, the first regulated real-money online casino game debuted in 2013 with the launch of Nevadas online poker industry. Online casino gaming is expected to keep growing, but the American market would greatly benefit from California, Pennsylvania and New York, which are all considering legalization, joining the mix.

The European gambling market is estimated to be around $87 billion USD, with online gambling representing around $15 billion of that figure. The American market could be worth $5 billion by 2020, according to estimates from Morgan Stanley.. Its importance is similar to that of the U.K., which alone represents in the vicinity of 10 percent of Europes online gambling market.

According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, between 2005 and 2009 online slots play there increased 328 percent, while table games and poker grew by 52 and 26 percent, respectively. Delaware and Nevada share liquidity for peer-to-peer online poker. There has long been online horse wagering in America and mobile sports betting in Nevada, but those arent factored into the online casino games market.

The $160.7 million in I-gaming revenue between Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware was a nearly 20-percent increase compared to 2014