Plus A selection of Spanish Wedding invitations.

Antique Half Dolls Are Hard Working Doll41 hours ago

Half dolls are wonderful little antique dolls that are becoming harder to come by.

Footwear For Brides Trends For 20165 days ago

popular styles of bridal shoes for 2016 brides. Laughing can aid in building a healthy immune system, help you sleep better, and lots more.

The Interesting Tradition Of The Wedding Ring41 hours ago

learn about the long tradition and history of the wedding ring.

Host A Festive Wine Tasting Party41 hours ago

A wine tasting party can be not only educational, but lots of fun.

Detroit Michigan Things To Do In The D2 days ago

information on Detroit Michigan

How To Identify Antique Majolica Pottery41 hours ago

Learn about the history , and how Majolica is made.

Heart Diseases And Its Risk Factors41 hours ago

Learn about cardiovascular heart function, how high Cholesterol level can damage the heart, and how the heart is associated to high blood pressure.

Honey Beauty Treatments From Your Kitchen14 hours ago

Learn how you can create beauty treatments of your kitchen, using honey as a main ingredient. Flowers rates low on list.

Information On Antique Flow Blue Pottery40 hours ago

Learn the history and how Flow blue pottery is made. Check out the marks/hallmarks that are common to flow blue pottery.

Delft Pottery Marks And History And Information41 hours ago

Learn the history of Delft pottery, and all of its various hallmarks/marks. Honey has been used for centuries to promote beauty of hair, and skin,

Healthy Beverages That Are Good For You41 hours ago

Drinking healthy beverages can aid to a healthier body.

What You Need To Know About Blood Pressure2 days ago

Facts about Hypertension or high blood pressure . From his conception to where he now lives.

Baldness Is It Trendy ? The Males Body Image4 days ago

Learn about how males and females feel about baldness, and has it become a fade for men to shave their heads to create baldness?

Cold Remedies That Really Work5 days ago

Learn how some old home remedies, and simple precautions can help you get through a cold or flu.

Interesting Facts About Peanut Butter14 hours ago

Learn about peanut butter. How much sun is good for you, and how to much sun can be harmful to your skin Learn how the sun ages skin, and how using sun screen can help stop skin damage

Simple Tips On Organizing A Closet41 hours ago

Learn how to organize your closet.

The Powers And History Of The Sapphire4 days ago

Learn all about the blue sapphire, it’s history, and how it is fast becoming a popular choice for engagement rings.

Update Your Old Home On A Budget5 days ago

Learn to save money on home decorating, and still end up with the decor you dreamed of…

The Yorkshire Terrier A Happy Little Breed41 hours ago

Learn about the Yorkshire terrier breed, all about choosing the right Yorkie, and how to care for your new puppy. Pump Shoe A Very Classic Yet Popular Trend15 hours ago

The classic style high heel know as the “pump” is one of the most popular shoe in women’s footwear. Jeans that will make you appear thinner.

Women’s Formal Wear What’s New for 20165 days ago

Learn about the latest women’s formal ware fashion for 2015. Plus how to identify an antique piece of Delft.

Irish Belleek Porcelain History And Mark Information13 hours ago

Learn about the long history of Belleek pottery, how to spot a fake piece of Belleek, and the most popular Belleek marks or Hallmarks.

Roseville Ohio Pottery Information And Marks41 hours ago

Learn about the history of Roseville Pottery, its patterns, and marks.

How To Choose A Hairstyle That Suits The Shape Of Your Face2 days ago

There is a perfect hair style for you, you just need to identify the shape of your face

Do You Own A Haunted Antique41 hours ago

Read actual stories about people that have claimed to own haunted antiques.

Sun And The Health Of Your Skin2 days ago

Learn some healthful tips on sun tanning. Who discovered it, how its made, and the diffidence between organic and non organic peanut butter.

Laugh Yoga Laugh Yourself Healthy5 days ago

Learn how laughing can make you healthier. Ways to protect your skin from sun damage.

How To Wear A Boyfriend Jacket2 days ago

Learn how to wear a boyfriend jacket, how to make great trendy outfits using your boyfriend jacket.

The Tote Bag Trends And Styles Of Today16 hours ago

Learn all about the latest tote handbag styles for 2015. Plus you will find photos of my home all done up for Christmas!

Gardens At Home Welcome To My Garden2 days ago

My Favorite Hobby Is Gardening. Festive bows and streamers of ribbon can add a look of elegance to a Christmas tree.

Women’s Winter Coat Trends For 20164 days ago

Learn about the very latest trends in women’s winter coats for 2016, the styles the colors and so much more…

The Importance Of Teaching Children Good Nutrition13 hours ago

Learn how to teach your children abut nutrition, and the importance of eating with family, choosing healthy foods.

Make A Circus Nursery Mobile With Embroidery Hoops41 hours ago

Learn how you can create a mobile for a baby’s nursery. A brides hair style should be her crowning glory on her wedding day…

The Latest Women’s Fashion Trends For 201640 hours ago

Check out the latest women’s fashion trends for fall and winter 2016. Learn how you can update last years jackets and make some great trendy outfits.

Breaking Fashion Rules Are You Fashion Criminal41 hours ago

Tips on which long time fashion rule you should break….

Women’s Sweaters Shop Your Closet7 days ago

Hey ! ant to save some money on your wardrobe, and make some great new trendy outfits? Well, check out what’s in your closet.

How To Accessorize A Sheath Dress16 hours ago

Learn all the right ways to accessorize a classic sheath dress.

Women’s Pants The Tailored Trousers2 days ago

Learn about the latest 2015 trends in women’s pants and trousers for 2015. Hot styles trends the boxy handbag, tote, satchel, birkin style, designer handbags. Plus size swimsuit tips

Vitamin D The Sun And Your Skin41 hours ago

Learn about the sun and skin health, the facts about the sun and vitamin D, and the sun and cancer. Also learn how to accessorize a sheath dress to make it your own signature look.

Common Top Ten Food That Cause Allergies13 hours ago

Learn about the top ten foods that people are commonly allergic to. The styles tend to be very classic, and may have you shopping your closet to save cash on your clothing budget this season.

On A Fashion Budget Shop Your Closet5 days ago

Learn to shop your closet using your cloths to mix and match to create some great new fashion looks. Plus medical care, weather, and the things you won’t want to miss.

“I am a Dodge” A Candid Interview With Frances Mealbach5 days ago

A story of a woman that found out in her adulthood that she had been adopted, and her search and legal battle to find her biological parents. The new boxy style handbag, woven handbags, and wonderful strips will be very popular this spring.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Reviews5 days ago

Check out my restaurant guide of Puerto Vallarta, I have listed the best places to dine in Puerto Vallarta along with reviews.

Spanish Wedding Traditions And Customs13 hours ago

Learn about about Spanish wedding customs and traditions, the wedding fashions, and festive wedding reception that follows the church ceremony. How a food allergy is diagnosed. The men’s fashion items that never go out of style. Become acquainted with the difference between symptoms of heartburn and symptoms of Heart-attack.

How To Plant A Beautiful English Garden15 hours ago

Learn how to plant an English Garden, what flowers to plant, along with strep by step instructions on how to lay out your garden.

Spring And Summer Fashion Forecast 20162 days ago

Catch up on what fashions will be on trend for next spring and summer.

Collectible Antique Food Molds41 hours ago

History of antique food molds

Choose Jeans That Are Slimming15 hours ago

Learn how to choose jeans that are perfect for your body type. Plus placement of statuary that offer a perfect peaceful outdoor visual setting.

Health Concerns That Are Hard To Talk About5 days ago

If you have a health problem that you find it hard to talk about, it may be time to confide in your doctor or a health specialist.

All About Lemonade Plus Recipes41 hours ago

Check out some new lemonade recipes

Problem Hair Solutions Head For Your Kitchen41 hours ago

Learn how you can make hair care treatments right in your own kitchen, and how eating the right foods can help the health of your hair.

Cranberry Crafting Make A Holiday Wreath4 days ago

Step by step instructions on how to make a cranberry wreath for the holidays. Maybe a hot fudge sundae…

Coffee So Good You’ll Want A Second Cup2 days ago

It’s not so hard to make a perfect pot of coffee.

Sewing Art Antique English Embroidery15 hours ago

Learn about the ancient art of English embroidery. See photos of their home, and learn how the people loved them.

Consider Your Comfort Requirements Before Choosing Bed Linens40 hours ago

When shopping for bedding it’s important you consider what types of linens will make you and your family get a good nights sleep. Considering many different types of mattress pads for your comfort level.

How To Plant And Care For Rose Bushes18 hours ago

Learn about how to plant and care for rose bushes. Plus lots of reviews of makeup products and brands. Photos of celebrities wedding gowns.

Tips On Decorating A Master Bedroom2 days ago

Learn how to decorate a master bedroom. Learn what the most popular lipsticks are for this season.

Take The Stress Out Of Wedding Planning4 days ago

Learn how to plan a perfect wedding step by step. I have added My Private photos, And Hope You Will Enjoy Them.

Classic Women’s Trench Coat2 days ago

Learn about the top ten women’s fashions that defy time, and just never go out of style. What’s in and what’s out, and what’s the top 10 classic must haves for men this year.

Building A Wardrobe Recycle Your Cloths5 days ago

Learn how to use clothing from your closet to make new fashionable trendy outfits.

Dogs Of Puerto Vallarta Mexico2 days ago

Photo display of dogs of Puerto Vallara Mexico

Plus Size Fashions How To Choose Cloths That Are Slimming2 days ago

Tips on how choose cloths by body type, clothing that will make you appear thinner. Learn what clothing items every man should have in his wardrobe.

The Classic Sheath Dress That Defies Time41 hours ago

Learn the history of the classic sheath dress, and how fashion icons made it their signature look. Where should a rose bush be planted, what soil is best for growing healthy roses, and how much water and palnt food does a rose bush need.

Elizabeth Taylor The Movie Star The Woman15 hours ago

Learn about Elizabeth Taylor’s life, movie triumphs, and her many marriages, and loves.

The Hottest Trendiest Handbag Of 201640 hours ago

Learn all about the latest trends in handbags for 2016. I have added step by step instructions, and a list of things you’ll need.

Information And History Of Murano Glass2 days ago

Learn al labout the Murano Glass factories.

Our 1977 Corvette Has Quite A Fasinating History5 days ago

The Corvette has been around for over 60 years

Latest Trend In Handbags For Summer18 hours ago

Learn about all the latest spring/summer handbag trends for 2016. Tips and photos to help identify your body type. new color trends for handbags.

Wedding Traditions And Fashions5 days ago

Learn about old wedding traditions, and how they started. A nice walk, a soothing massage, a cup of chamomile tea. In fact it is listed as one of top ten fashions that never go out of style.

Eating The Right Foods Can Prevent Cancer14 hours ago

Learn the definition of Cancer, and what contributes to Caners growth, plus how scientific studies shoe that eating the right foods can prevent cancer, and aid in its cure.

How To Plan A Holiday Tea Party2 days ago

Learn how to plan a perfect Holiday tea party, I have added great tea party ideas for menu, decor, and even invitation ideas.

It’s Important To Winterize Rose Bushes15 hours ago

learn how to get your roses bushes ready for winter.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Bows & Ribbon5 days ago

How to make bows, and decorate your Christmas tree with ribbons. Know your body type.

How To Identify Crackle Glass Art Glass41 hours ago

information for collectors about old or antique Crackle glass, and how to identify crackle glass.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men Only41 hours ago

Learn about men’s fashion. Also learn about any Yorkshire terrier health problems that can occur in the breed.

Thanksgiving Trivia And Recipes5 days ago

Thanksgiving dinner recipes, along with great deserts, and Thanksgiving Trivia

Anti Aging Vitamin Face Creams4 days ago

Lean about vitamin anti-aging facial product. Have a look at my bridal shower wedding traditions trivia game. The history, and how the older antique embroidery pieces are valuable on the antique market today.

West Highland White Terrier Breed41 hours ago

Learn about the breed of the West Highland White Terrier, its personality, its health problems, and how to choose a west highland white terrier.

Taylor And Burton’s Puerto Vallarta5 days ago

Learn how Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love with Puerto Vallarta, made it their home the first years of their marriage. It’s unique, and your guests will love it. Learn about the normal and abnormal blood pressure numbers. Striped fashions are on the top ten classic fashion list.

Women’s Jackets And Blazers2 days ago

Recycle last years Blazers and Jackets from your closet – and save some cash… Planing a wedding does not have to be stressful.

Clinchfield Pottery Marks And History5 days ago

Learn about the history of Clinchfield pottery, along with the pottery marks/hallmarks that they used over the years.

American Pottery Antique Information2 days ago

Learn about American Stoneware pottery, its history, and how to identify Stoneware by its mark

Fun Bridal Shower Game And It’s Free14 hours ago

Hey, you don’t want the same old games for the bridal shower your hosting…. I have added step by step instructions.

Proin Drug – Urinary Incontinence In dogs?5 days ago

Read actual reviews on the drug Proin from pet owners that actually gave the drug to their pet. The popular styles and colors that are on trend now…

Haunted Stranahan House Fort Lauderdale Florida6 days ago

Share the paranormal experences that occurred when the night I visited the haunted Stranahan house in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Decorating Ideas For Christmas2 days ago

I hope you enjoy my holiday home decorating tips. It should be comfortable, suit any allergy needs, possibly waterproof, and be easy to care for.

Classic Men’s Fashion Spring 201613 hours ago

Mens fashion forecast for spring 2016. It is the holiday for lovers, and gift giving. Frances Mealbach’s Story

Lake Como Italy So Magical So Beautiful41 hours ago

Lake Como Is Such A Wonderful Place To Visit – It’s Magical

There Are Several Kinds Of Ghosts41 hours ago

Did you know there are different types of ghosts, and many different kinds of haunting’s?

Chardonnay Wine4 days ago

Chardonnay is a fruity dry wine that is one of the most frequently purchased.

Pairing Food And Wine Made Simple40 hours ago

Learn wine pairing, how to choose the right wine for any given food.

Schoenhut Dolls History Information15 hours ago

The Schoenhut is a wonderful old to German toy company tat is well known for their dolls. The platform is out! The Stiletto pump is what’s hot , and trending.

The Latest Lingerie Trends For 201641 hours ago

Learn all about the latest women’s lingerie for 2016, the trends in undergarments as well as pajama’s and what inspired designers this season.

Hot Winter White Fashion Trend For 201616 hours ago

Winter white fashions have become classic over the years. Read about what makes vitamin skin care helpful in fighting signs of aging.

Gingers Offers Wonderful Health Benefits41 hours ago

There are many health benefits to consuming ginger.

History Of Robert The Haunted Doll41 hours ago

Learn the folklore and legend of Robert the haunted doll. Plus find out how eating certain foods can improve your cholesterol levels.

Anti-Aging Face Cream Perfect For Age5 days ago

Learn how to find the perfect anti-aging skin products for your type of skin, and age. electrolyte imbalance .

Crafting Make A Holiday Mobile With Embroidery Hoops17 hours ago

Learn how to make a festive holiday decorative mobile out of embroidery hoops and a few other craft supplies. Pumps are on trend for brides of 2016

The Latest Hairstyles For Brides5 days ago

A picture is worth a thousand words, I have put together some wonderful examples of hair styles for the bride. Outfits that will not only look fabulous but save you money,

Shop Your Closet And Save A Ton Of Money41 hours ago

I will show you how to make great trendy outfits by using the cloths in your closet.

Biggest Shoe Trends For Women 201641 hours ago

Find what’shoe styles are in for 2016 and what’s out. They are very popular for this winter.

Recipe For Beautiful Hair From Your Kitchen18 hours ago

You can save money on hair care products plus make your hair healthy at the same time.

Hair Care Recipes From Your Kitchen4 days ago

What to save some money on hair care products? Check out what you have in your cupboards, and make your own hair care products.

Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style5 days ago

Learn about the classic hairstyles that have been around forever, and hope we have tweaked them and updated them over the years.

Leg Cramps What Causes Them And How To Get Rid Of Them2 days ago

Learn about what can causes leg cramps or pain, when to see a doctor about your leg pain, and tips on how to relieve leg cramps that are caused by dehydration. Plus how the right skin care will benefit in a more healthy younger looking skin.

House Train A Puppy It’s Easy40 hours ago

Learn how to train your puppy to void outside. How designers update these classic fashions to suit the times.

Antique Furniture How To Spot Fakes5 days ago

Tips how to identifying fake antique furniture.

Striped Fashions Are Classic And Defy Time4 days ago

Learn about strips in fashion, and how to chose the right pattered stripe to falter your individual figure type. Plus tons of great photos. The antique Schoenhut dolls are one of the most sought after by doll collectors.

All About Wonderful Red Wine41 hours ago

Learn all you ever wanted to know about red wine.

. It is surprising what gifts most women prefer to receive on that special day. Photos of wedding fashions , vintage wedding fashions a well as up to date wedding fashions. What systolic and diastolic numbers mean, adn normal blood pressure values.

Will A Shelter Dogs Fit Into Your Family41 hours ago

Considering adopting a shelter dog, things you should consider before you adopt a shelter dog.

The Difference Between An Antique Or Collectible2 days ago

Learn about how to identify an antique, and what motivates a person to collect antiques.

Lowering Cholesterol Can Benefit Your Heart2 days ago

Learn about cholesterol and how it effects the heart. See how many pets died shortly after taking Proin.

Tracing Family Tree Finding Your Roots31 hours ago

I have added many helpful tips on how to go about searching and documenting your family heritage.

How To Plant An Evening Garden5 days ago

Learn about moonlight gardening, what flowers to plant, water features that give the garden a relaxing atmosphere. Plus enjoy photos of my Christmas tea party.

Cassadaga Hotel My Paranormal Experience5 days ago

My night at the Cassadaga hotel was quit an experience. Learn about new hemlines, latest fashion colors, and all the new styles from dresses to coats and everything in between.

Different Kinds Of Flowers Different Kinds Of Honey18 hours ago

Learn about the many different kinds of honey. I can honestly say this hotel is haunted.

Decorating With Pottery Barn40 hours ago

Learn how you ca get that great Pottery Barn decor on a budget….

Hershey’s Kisses History And Great Recipes15 hours ago

Learn about all the recipes you can use Hershey’s kisses in.

Celebrities That Wear Ray Bans5 days ago

Have a look at all the celebrities that choose Ray-ban’s as their sunglasses of choice.

How To Chooses A Mattress Pad18 hours ago

Learn how to choose the right mattress cover for your particular comfort needs. Sheets that will provide the comfort level you hope to achieve.

Trip To Paris France What To See What To Pack41 hours ago

Learn about Paris things to do and see, where to stay , and what to pack…

All About Puerto Vallarta Mxico41 hours ago

Learn about travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, were to stay, eat, and things to do and see. Plus what causes food allergies, and how to live with signs and symptoms of food allergies.

Secrets To Keeping Skin Youthful5 days ago

Learn how you can keep your face from aging preternaturally. I have added a good method that is quick, and successful.

How To Relieve Stress The Healthy Way14 hours ago

There are many natural ways to handle stress. Plus discover the designers inspiration for this years women’s evening fashions.

Decorating Your Bedroom Using Feng Shui16 hours ago

Learn how you can create a wonderful peaceful atmosphere when decorating your bedroom.

History Of French Baccarat Crystal31 hours ago

Learn all about the history about Baccarat Crystal. The styles, the colors, the accessories. Christmas crafts.

There Are Many Ways To Use Lavender Buds15 hours ago

Flower crafts, Lavender is a beautiful flower, its buds can be used in many ways that might surprise you…

Heartburn Symptoms And Treatment15 hours ago

Learn the symptoms of heartburn/gerd, what foods can trigger heartburn, and how to treat it. Learn how to decorate, chose the right menu, invitations and keepsakes for your tea party. How to choose the right color theme, the right furniture, and accessories to please both your mate and you.

Pottery Marks/Hallmarks Identifying Them Just Got Easier!5 days ago

Learn how to identify pottery and porcelain hallmark/marks.

Royal Worcester Porcelain Information And History5 days ago

Learn about the history of Royal Worcester pottery , along with its marks/hallmarks.

Creamware Feather – Edge Pottery3 days ago

Learn about collectible creamware pottery, patterns, colors, and more.

Tips On How To Get A Good Nights Sleep17 hours ago

Learn how you can sleep better with a few common sense techniques, and no medications.

Red Wing Pottery Marks And Information41 hours ago

Learn about the history of Red Wing Pottery, its patterns and marks.

Andrea Bocelli I Am His Biggest Fan14 hours ago

I don’t speak or understand Italian, but I certainly understand that Andrea Bocelli’s voice has hat it takes to keep me listening, and coming back for more….

How To Plant Tulip Bulbs That Will Thrive31 hours ago

Learn how to plant tulip bulbs with step by step instructions

The Mysterious History Of Valentine’s Day5 days ago

Valentines day has a very interesting history. The different floweres that honey come from, and why some honeys are more costly.

Hottest Summer Dress Trends For 201641 hours ago

Sundresses are a classic summer time staple in a woman’s wardrobe.

Plan A Festive Christmas Tea Party5 days ago

Tips on how to host a perfect holiday tea party. The collect ability of Baccarat.

Encounters With Robert The Haunted Doll5 days ago

Read some actual stories of people that have had paranormal experiences with Robert the haunted Key West Doll.

Treating The Skin Diseases Rosacea2 days ago

Learn about what causes the skin condition Rosacea, along with signs and symptoms, and treatment for Rosacea.

Makeup What’s Popular And How To Apply5 days ago

Find out all the newest makeup trends, and how to apply makeup the right way. It’s free

History Of Antique Jacobean Furniture31 hours ago

Learn about the interesting history of Jacobean furniture, how to identify it, and all about what woods were used to create Jacobean furniture.

Great Tips On Choosing Buying A Feather Bed41 hours ago

Learn how to choose the perfect mattress pad/topper for you. Just by getting to know your skin, and choosing the right skin care products for your problem areas.

Tips On How To Dress For A Job Interview41 hours ago

Believe it or not wearing the right outfit to a job interview can work in your best interest, and help get you that sought after job.

The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type5 days ago

Learn how to choose a swimsuit/bathing suit that will suits your body type will make you appear slimmer