His lawyer, Matthew Dowd, said Ivey regretted the decision to go to court.

Ivey, who has been nicknamed the the Tiger Woods of poker, was shocked when he heard of the casino’s allegations. .

Poker star $12 million: Phil Ivey, a well-know professional poker player, won 7.6 million (almost $12 million USD) last August while playing punto banco, a simplified version of baccarat. However, the casino is refusing to pay the poker star his winnings. They claim that Ivey used his knowledge of tiny flaws in the games cards to manipulate the games odds, Yahoo! Sports reported May 12 .

Casino officials claim that Ivey cheated, even while playing with several cameras pointed at him. Ivey is considered a reputable poker player, having won several tournaments at poker and craps. They allege he had an unfair advantage because he observed tiny flaws in the game’s playing cards, even though they were house cards.

The suit filed Tuesday in the High Court says that Ivey won the money in August playing Punto Banco at the venerable Crockfords casino in London.

Phil Ivey is suing Crockfords casino in London over what he claims are 7.8 million pounds ($11.9 million) in winnings that were withheld from him.

Ivey said he had “no alternative” but to pursue legal action against the casino