They kill their own race to save their own lives. The show type pit bulls are the ones considered behave and lovable, breeders to breeder talk. So when it comes to the fight itself, their goal is to attack and kill the enemy, which is another dog thats trained in the dark. Well this division is just made solely by the breeders that will separate the dogs from two areas according to how they were raised.

This kind of game is actually considered as another form of human crimes against animals. Just like cock-fight, a dog fight is also considered as blood sport where two animals are put inside an arena and fight until the other one dies. Wow! Now I believe breeders or us human are the ones frightening, arent we?

In some countries that I personally know like the Philippines, organizations like PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) rescues animals. Any dog that is considered champion and can still fight wins the prize of his life, the other dog who can no longer fight suffer the consequence of dying. But anyhow, I bet majority of the people thinks theyre frightening.

This is a poem I made that I have posted on one of my blogs. They were raised in a dark vast place, a cage enough to contain their body. Just like what the pictures says, bad dogs are not born, they are raised by their owners; treat your dogs or pets good and theyll return the favor while they are living.

Imagine the subdivision of man in a society; the elites who go to someelegant parties and lower class who fights with their might to be able to eat. This repute wouldnt even exist if the breeders and owners will be kind enough to treat their dogs right. Some would even say that they didnt know pit bulls would be that cute and lovable. I suddenly thought about my dog, he is named after the brave chameleon Durango, later on Rango. They are the ones who get to be pampered and all. To our surprise, only three were left, the others die. In reality, these dogs are sweet! Theyre too playful and will even kiss your face when theyre happy. When he heard about pit bull puppies being sold, he asks me to buy one. The truth isI prefer toy dogs over guard and big dogs. Before any fight starts, all the gamblers place their bets on different sides, whichever they feel like betting in. I pity these dogs as I pity those who think pit bulls are too dangerous animals. But as we visit the puppies whenever we have a free time, we noticed that the owner doesnt really know what hes doing, and then later on admitted that its his first time to breed. They adopt and let other pet lovers also adopt animals that they like. Breeders of the fighting line believe that their dogs will be fiercer and violent if they wont be able to see light often and of course other people and other dogs. With this kind of programs, animal cruelty can be prevented.

Fighting line pit bulls

And they shall walk a lifetime with you

The notion that pit bulls are fierce and vicious made a bad reputation for these dogs. We went to the breeder and check the puppies. Dogs that are severely injured dont even get the right to go to a veterinarian because the breeders are afraid of getting caught and ending up in jail.

Pit bull is actually a term used to describe different dog breeds that crosses the American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire, and yes, American bulldogs. But this friend of mine has always been an animal lover (he even dreams of becoming a veterinarian) and had a pit bull way back then. Just like humans, these dogs also are receiving societal standards that are not even reasonable. Animals, like people do have rights too but I dont think its comprehensible with those kinds of people who plays with these animals lives. They build reputation through dog shows by showing their talents and skills or by merely stocking (posing in the show).

Show type pit bull

This pit bull line is the ones feared while actually they should be the one getting tender loving care just because they dont experience one. The puppies even get thinner and looked malnourished so we decided not to wait for some more days; we offered to just get the puppies and have them injected to prevent viral infections. But nonetheless, the principle of these two games is just the same; the gamblers enjoy watching two animals brutally killing each other to save their own lives. However, our duties with the puppies dont stop there; we decided to pay a visit the remaining puppies. We took the two puppies and brought them directly in a pet clinic. You may be wondering why bulldogs came across this. I can say this because I felt it with them. Dog fighting started thousands of years ago, yet until now, people still doesnt recognize the value of life, either human or animal life.

Dog fighting is another gambling sport involving animals. Just like what I’ve said a while back, pit bull isn’t really a breed that describes a certain race of dog, but in a broader world, they are divided into two. Anyone who walks with them always feels safe because they wont let anyone hurt their friend/owner/breeder; theyre just loyal. Cockfighting is a common gambling sport in the Philippines; also known as sabong. Ive read several articles that say pit bulls should be feared; poor dogs and much poorer human mentality. They were so cute that everyone gets to love these cute little puppies. When I saw the dam (mother of the puppies) it was so thin that it makes me pity her. She gave birth to 10 puppies, half of them not so healthy. I know they also have feelings like us, they know how to care and love; they return the favor. Feed them is what I do

Dog fight a form of gambling

Walk with them a day or two

Clean them is another duty to attend to

I am a dog lover

Its sad how these dogs get to be treated just like that. We decided to take the two but waited for some more days for them to stay with their mother. When breeding, I believe it is and will always be the responsibility of the breeder to keep the puppies safe by getting them at their first vaccine and deworming to make them healthy and boost their energy; and thats what the owner didnt do.

Pit bull. My dearest friend is a dog breeder and me,always wanted to own a dog. In some parts of America, the American bulldogs are also considered pit bulls