A must own text for any cyclocrosser.

Share Others’ Insights Into The World Of Cyclocross Culture

It’s always hard to choose gifts related to someone’s interests however there are some fantastic books out there on cyclocross culture.

Mud, Snow and Cyclocross is not all about elite racing. Another great insight into the sport is the excellent Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross by Molly Hurford which looks at how Cyclocross has become successful in the USA. It focuses on all those involved in the sport, from racing to promoter and how they’ve seen changes over the years as the sport progresses from an underground, towards mainstream status.

Behind the Stare: The Pulse & Character of Professional European Cyclocross by Geoff Proctor gives a detailed insight into the European Professional Cyclocross scene which forms the upper echelons of the sport. There are a number of embrocation products on the marketplace which would make great gifts for a cyclocrosser.

Let Them Show Their Cyclocross Allegiance When Thirsty

Cyclists love to say to the world “I’m A Cyclist”.

A Guide To Some Great Christmas And Birthday Gift Ideas For Cyclocross Riders

Choosing the right Christmas and Birthday gifts can be a challenge.

Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler, Christmas present or a Birthday surprise- This guide will help you to choose a great gift for a cyclocross lover.

Everyone Loves A Good Book For Christmas

It wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t get a new book. From the Belgian demi-god that is Sven Nys to the American’s of Johnathon Page and Ryan Trebon who have started what seems to be worldwide development of the sport. It showcases how American courses are often less technical than their European counterparts to emphasise the inclusiveness of the sport where guys and girls can laugh at ourselves in a cold, wet muddy park while families watch the action without taking themselves too seriously. Weather and ground conditions often become a factor as racers power across everything from hard-packed trailed to muddy fields. You can pick up cycling related mugs at a lot of places although CafePress have some awesome designs including this Lift Here, Land Here, Die Here Cyclocross Mug which would make an awesome gift. This practical guide takes riders through everything from the basic racing skills required for competitions through to the more advanced technical abilities which are evident at the higher levels of the sport. All in detailed illustration and text Cyclocross:Training and Technique covers aspects of bike fitting equipment, nutrition, health and race-day strategies for enhanced performance. A fantastic insiders’ view of a very European sport that would make an excellent gift.. And cyclists usually end up with a copy of whatever sports books that might be on the shelves at the time without the buyer really considering what they’re buying as they’re a sports/ cycling book.

There are some fantastic books about cyclocross which would make excellent gifts.Books on cyclocross tend to fall into two camps.(i) Cyclocross training books and (ii)insights into the world of cx racing.

Cyclocross Training Books Make Great Gifts

Cyclocross riders are very rarely big-headed about their riding abilities and understand that there is always room for improvement towards a faster race.

Simon Burney’s Cyclocross: Training and Technique is the essential training book that any avid cyclocross racer should own. A Socio-demographic insight which will captivate North American ‘Cross fans and racers into a sport which has taken it’s European roots and given it a decidedly American twist.

Cyclocross is a cycling discipline which is growing in popularity. There are so many different forms of cycling that it’s often difficult to choose the right presents.

One way to do just that is having a great mug for the office. The book provides both an intense visual impact and an education on the theatre that is European Cyclocross racing

Behind the Stare showcases some of the giants of the Cyclocross scene. The book charts the rise and rise of the sport in the United States from it’s early roots to present day success. Especially if that special someone is a cyclists. It’s as hard as it is fun and combines many other aspects of other cycling disciplines whether a rider wants to compete at the head of the field or use it as great winter training.

This is a book for all who enjoy cyclocross and it’s distinct culture

Give The Gift Of Warmth And Body Protection

To race cyclocross a rider needs to keep themselves warm and their body prepared for riding