Realizing that a change is needed or wanted in your life is a very necessary part of the healing process. If the change is not wanted, but forced- sobriety will not be committed to and a person will more than often fall back into their past behavior and their addiction. If you feel this way or think you may have a problem, consider seeking help.

2. In life you must fight for something that you need to make life better, and giving up an addiction is a fight that will last a life time.

. When an addict gives up their addiction, they often struggle and feel lost which is a large part as to why relapse is common for so many addicts. Addiction is the constant feeling of needing something such as drugs, alcohol, sex or food to feel whole, to feel normal to feel alive. When striving to obtain a sober life style and give up an addiction a person must first want to be sober. To understand what it takes to accomplish sobriety-you must first understand addiction.