Circus Circus is a carnival themed hotel with the Adventuredome theme park, circus acts and arcade games. The hotel also has a large shark-reef aquarium, where kids can stroll through tunnels under the aquarium as sharks swim overhead. The room rates are slightly higher than Circus Circus, but the Excalibur is still very affordable. The Mandalay Bay is a luxury hotel, with prices that are considerably higher than other kid-friendly options. Some hotels even have rules that kids who arent guests are not allowed on the property at night. Kids will still enjoy the multiple swimming pools and the lazy river on the hotels property and the lion habitat. But now the only bit of it that is left is the green glass exterior of the building. Kids will still enjoy the medieval theme, which includes a dinner theatre with medieval-jousting as well as arcades and swimming pools with water slides. Excalibur

The Excalibur was once a kid-centric hotel that has since toned down its kid-friendly atmosphere (at this writing, one of the theatres was hosting a male-review). Today, its still the only hotel that caters exclusively to families. Like the Mandalay bay, the MGM grand has a luxury price tag to go with their luxury rooms.

Circus Circus

For many years, Circus Circus was the only option for staying in Vegas with kids. In the swimming area, kids can find plenty to do, including a wave pool and a lazy river that propels swimmers around in a circle and under a waterfall at a two-mile an hour speed. The hotel has a bit of a worn look, but the rates are inexpensive compared to upscale hotels such as the Bellagio and the MGM Grand. . Walk down The Strip, and you are likely to see billboards depicting exotic dancers and fliers that advertise topless reviews. The elevators offer direct access to both the rooms and the beach area without forcing kids to walk through the casino.

Mandalay Bay

The beach and swimming complex are so popular at Mandalay bay that the hotel requires all visitors to present their room key before entering the pool area. Parents who wish to avoid the casino all together will find that the trek from the front door to the elevator is a

direct one with nary a slot machine in sight. If you want to keep them off the strip, these hotel complexes are self-contained and will give your family plenty to see and do.

MGM Grand

When it was a family friendly hotel, The MGM Grand once had a Wizard Of Oz theme.

If you are visiting Las Vegas with kids, there are still a few family friendly spots where you can stay with your little ones to keep them entertained.

Las Vegas has a certain reputation for vice. In the 1990s, Vegas attempted to clean up its act to attract families, but since then the city has done an about face by putting adult entertainment front and center