In this case, the Los Angeles Lakers not only successfully went through the rounds of the NBA playoffs, but became this years NBA champions. When the game clock strikes zero Thursday, your Lakers will be world champions for the second straight year.

How can you possibly make up your mind when a game is so close in comparison? Finding a sportsbook and other online resources helped basketball enthusiasts make those informed decisions as to who to bet on with helpful stats, news articles, and odds based on a number of variables. With this feat, many sports betting websites increase in activity, traffic and sales.

Baxter Holmes of the Los Angeles Times anticipated, Lakerdom: Prepare the sun block, charge the camera batteries and plan for a shower of purple and gold confetti to rain all over you and yours on an upcoming parade-filled SoCal summer day. Regardless of what the stats say, no amount of research would sway these die-hard fans from wagering on the home team. As you can see by the two media sources above, the championship finals series and especially Game 7 was by no means a one-sided story. This uncertainty of who was the better team made it difficult to predict a winner.

Only one answer!

One thing is for sure for Laker fans, when other teams are in the playoffs and emotion is out of the equation, sportsbooks, online betting sites, ESPN, and other web resources are great research tools to use. But as any LA native would tell you, placing a bet against the home team when the game is so close is a huge no-no in LA.

Who to bet for?

When you have a game of such importance and historical rivalry on the line, as Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel puts it, that features four certain future Hall of Famers, who wouldve thought it would all come down to [this]. But when the Lakers are making a championship run, it will be hard to find the right amount of stats online that will entice Angelinos to bet on any opposing team.

Baxters feelings were those that exemplified the feelings of many, if not all, the people in LA County. If these Finals have taught us anything, its that the Celtics and Lakers are evenly matched.

One thing is certain, when in Los Angeles, bet on the home team! Online betting increases in LA when one of the hometown teams hits the playoffs. And that consensus is that the Lakers-Celtics series is so evenly matched that it was a complete toss-up..

To illustrate the feelings of betting on Game 7 of the NBA Finals being a gamble, Ira Winderman from the Sun Sentinel newspaper writes, [unlike] Game 6, the desperation will be equal on both sides, with a far closer outcome expected. And that could reduce it to one play, one moment, one all-or-nothing sequence.

Taking a look at the consensus of comments from national media outlets published in the LA Times over the past week has shed some light as to the feelings of fans and sports enthusiasts across the county