The Post Card Vacation Home is priced at148Cadper day and can accommodate about 5 persons. Strategically situated at the heart of the town you are not far away from Place des arts,Mc gill University, and even some of the well known cafs, shops and restaurants of the city. It is an ideal home away from home. . A fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave and necessary utensils make your stay all the more comfortable. The convention center is only a walk away. It is well furnished and pets friendly.

One of the Vacation Homes Montreal that deserves mention is the Downtown Montreal which is not far from gay village. This 3 bed roomed accommodation with a sunroom and 2 bathrooms is extremely well located close to Sherbrooke Street. The master bedroom offers a breathtaking view of the fireworks festival.

The above-mentioned Montreal vacation homes are ideal for vacationers and even people on business trips.

Thinking of a long and enjoyable vacation in Canada and looking for Montreal vacation homeswell there are many such places available, catering to your taste and requirements.

Aubus Les Bons Matins Townhouse, a well-known Montreal vacation homes, is air-conditioned and can house about eight people. This 1100 sq ft property consists of landscaped gardens in Japanese style. The various amenities available are air-conditioning, dryer and washer; cable connection etc. This vacation home of Montreal accredited with 4 stars by the Ministry of tourism of Quebec houses 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and is suitable for 6 persons. The fourth of course has a bunk bed. It is a dream destination for nature lovers, skiers and hikers.

Au Bord De Eau Chalet Lakefront at225CAD offers opportunities for activities like cycling, golf hiking, cross country skiing

The Montreal House is a fusion of modern facilities and old world elegance. The bedrooms are all located on the second floor and 3 of them are furnished with queen-sized beds. A stay here will enable you to participate in outdoor activities like biking, tennis, cross country skiing theatre, cinema museum and so on. If you are looking for a romantic getaway The Montreal House is the place for you. parking of course is available in the next block. This century old brownstone house is situated near Bell center in a quiet locality. This 2250 sq ft property costs 399 CAD daily.

The Hebergement Touristique Le pole Des Rapides at 150 CAD, apt for 4 people is just a few minutes from the St Lawrence River and 10 mins from the airport. The telephone and the wifi help you to keep in touch with the outside world. There are large bathrooms with Jacuzzi, well-equipped kitchen, piano, wifi, computer, central cooling system etc. It is a 2000sq ft double storeyed apartment consisting of large terraces and bedrooms. It charges 350 Canadian dollars per night. A well equipped kitchen and an adjacent dining area can entertain upto 8 people. It is close to the major festival venues like the international jazz festival, international fireworks competition or even the formula one car racing