Our years of gaming experience has

allowed us to develop a craps layout, that while adding our side bet,

does not impede the natural operation of the game, and actually

streamlines operation and significantly enhances game protection. “With the

expansion of the availability of the Fire Bet throughout 13 U.S.

Historically, casinos have seen an over-all craps hold increase between

2 to 5 percent following the addition of the Fire Bet, and the demand

for our bet continues to increase.

“People love the excitement of our payoff structure and the philosophy

of our game style,” Stasi said. “The Fire Bet helps them achieve these objectives. Our products are truly winners on both

sides of the table.”

According to Stasi, due to the current economic conditions, casinos are

continually looking strategically at ways to maintain their table games

bottom line by increasing hold percentages in line with a declining

table games drop, while maintaining the enjoyment and excitement of

their games. A demonstration of the Fire Bet is


The new Fire Bet pay table offers 7 for 1 (3 Individual points made), 30

for 1 (4 Individual points made), 150 for 1 (5 Individual points

made) and 300 for 1 (6 Individual points made), respectively. The new pay table also will allow

some casinos the ability to increase their maximum bet for Fire Bet

while keeping their overall exposure in the same range as our typical

pay out levels,” said Fire Bet creator and Hopbet, Inc. President Perry


For more information on Fire Bet, visit www.hopbet.com/pit or

call Perry Stasi at (702) 498-0986. The company

recently received approval by the Louisiana Gaming Commission and has

several casinos slated to install the Fire Bet.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hopbet, Inc., the creators of Fire

Bet, the industry’s most popular craps

side wager, has made available a new pay table, in addition to its

existing pay tables, for its patented Fire Bet side wager. Currently,

the Fire

Bet side wager is available in Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois,

Connecticut, New Jersey, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania,

Delaware, Indiana, and West Virginia, as well as Canada. “Players will always tell you what they

want. We felt a pay table with

a lower top-end payoff structure could benefit some select casinos who

desire to limit their exposure, while maintaining the theme, appeal and

player excitement of the Fire Bet. We

also made sure that the apparatus used in the operation of the Fire Bet,

as well as the bet’s procedures, do the same. We feel that the Fire Bet

and patented layout design work in tandem to increase the casino’s

over-all craps hold percentage. Our

customers have demonstrated that the real proof of success and longevity

lies in Fire Bet’s ability to entice and entertain players with a side

bet that makes sense and fits into the normal betting patterns of the

game of craps – this is what really leads to an increase in player


Hopbet also incorporates into the Fire Bet side wager its patented

customized table layout and easily identifiable Fire Bet pucks.

Stasi says of the Hopbet, Inc. The Hopbet

layout design markets many of the traditional wagers of the game of

craps that are typically hidden or left off standard craps layouts. As a result, the use of Fire Bet has

steadily grown year over year since its introduction in 2003. layout design, “We are as proud of our

layout as we are of the Fire Bet. The Fire Bet has

proven to help revitalize the energy of the game making it more

electrifying and attractive to a new generation of players.

. Although our new pay table possesses a higher frequency than our

standard table, Hopbet studies have shown that Fire Bet participation

rates are three to four times higher than that of similar side wagers on

the market that have high hit frequencies, disproving the old myth that

a higher hit frequency means a higher player participation rate. The Fire

Bet continues to be available with its original, and most popular pay

table, of 25 for 1 (4 Individual points made), 250 for 1 (5 Individual

points made) or 1000 for 1 (6 Individual points made), respectively.

In addition to the economic downturn, craps,

which has always been known as the casino’s most exciting game, has

experienced a dwindling interest in recent years. Stasi, who worked in casino management for more than two decades before

forming Hopbet, Inc., knows. gaming

jurisdictions and Canada, we decided to expand our product offering by

developing another pay table for the Fire Bet