Figure out your skill set. Somebody who played all sports seasonally. That’s better for swimming. From kenya, we’re used to thinking of all kenyans being great runners. And they’re worse app other things. What about the taboo subject that certain ethnic groups are predisposed. When I visited. They have extremely long limbs, proportion to their body size. You and i, europeans, have longer torsos. Look at a guy like steve nash. Golf. And whether sommet nick groups are better suited to succeed at athletics. That’s an evolutionary adaptation for cooling. IT IS “THE SPORTS est Text1 plain CC1 Test message. He has extremely short legs. And go find the sport that emphasizes it. Other sports, acquiring a range of skills through your teen years, benefits athletes later on. And one thing they have their ancestry, low latitude. Michael helps is 6’4″ and has the same inseam of the guy that’s 5’9″. More there’s an evolutionary fluke that allowed people to get by, that can aplied athletically. We could spend hours on it. The kid who is playing the club, year-round, as opposed to someone of my vintage. And a lot of people watching at home, the idea of the specialized athlete. It includes whether nature or nurture makes the best athlete. Find the best fit for your unique genome. The best thing to do is to sample. Transcript for Author Tackles Controversial Aspect of Sports, Genes and Ethnicity

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We’re going to turn to a book that all parents with kids that play sport want to know about. It’s one tiny tribe that makes up 10% to 11% of the runners there. It’s called “the sport gene.” I talked to the author, david epstein, about his headline-grabbing book. Didn’t get a basketball until he was 33 years old. What did you find makes the best athlete? There’s some evidence in certain parts, gymnastics. And look at the mid teen years. It’s a fascinating book